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People and Employment

Our people are fundamental to our Company's success. We offer a stimulating and enjoyable work environment that enables each individual to realise their potential through challenging and rewarding work. Team work and interaction between groups of people within our businesses is encouraged, enabling a flow of ideas and information for successful business outcomes.

To further strengthen the expectations of professional business behaviour, the Code of Conduct was developed in 2012 and overarches our company policies and values.  To promote gender diversity throughout the business, we adopted a Diversity Policy.

In accordance with the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Act, the Company lodges a workplace gender profile report for its Australian operations.

The Company operates separate businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Asia and therefore each manages recruitment processes locally. Find details about these different businesses here.

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Employment Principles

Equal Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer and treats all employees and applicants for employment with fairness and respect without regard to race, sex, age, religion, political convention or any other factor that is not applicable to an employee's position. Any form of harassment or bullying is unacceptable and we seek to ensure all employees enjoy a workplace free from harassment, bullying, discrimination, vilification or victimisation.

We value our culturally diverse workforce and recognise that the different skills, cultures and perspectives of our employees throughout the world, provide the Company with a competitive advantage.

Health & Safety

The provision of safe working conditions for our employees, visitors and contractors is of paramount importance  from the Board level throughout the organisation. The Company has the aim of  "no injuries" and we place great emphasis on continuous improvement in workplace safety across all of our businesses.

Remuneration and Rewards

We seek to attract, reward and retain the best employees through competitive wages and benefits. Differences in remuneration are aligned with market conditions in the countries and regions in which we operate and reflect an individual's contribution and the position they hold.

Recruitment and Selection

We aim to be an employer of choice recruiting talent of the highest calibre. The Company is committed to selecting and evaluating candidates based on merit in accordance with their qualifications, experience and skills and the specific requirements for a job, task or situation to ensure the best person is recruited for the position.

Performance Feedback and Planning

The Company is committed to regularly providing employees with constructive and helpful feedback on their performance and achievements. We recognise that individual performance can only be achieved through a combination of ability, motivation and resources and a formal annual review is conducted for employees. Performance and development planning is an integral part of each individual's review to establish measurable key performance indicators and help develop short and long term career goals.

Career Development

Investing in our people and their skills is a Company priority and one that is fundamental to success. We are committed to the growth and development of our employees to enable each individual to maximise his or her potential, achieve job satisfaction and advance their career. We provide on the job learning and training as well as other opportunities.

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