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People and Employment

Health & Safety

Our safety aim is "No Injuries".  We are committed to the provision of safe and healthy working conditions for employees and contractors, and to the safe custody of visitors to our sites.

Safety is an integral part of our business, and health and safety reviews and progress of compliance programmes are regularly reported to the Board and Executive.

Achieving and maintaining safe workplaces at all our locations requires a balanced approach to Occupational Health & Safety. We focus equally on the physical work environment, our systems and the culture of the business.

To actively pursue the aim of an injury-free working environment we focus on three key components:

  • application of risk assessments for current or new activities / processes
  • creating safe systems of work for current and new activities
  • ongoing training and education for employees

Safety is a shared responsibility between the Company and its employees. Every employee has a level of individual accountability for their own safety by adhering to safety policies, safe systems of work and procedures.

We strive for continuous improvement and to ensure that we deliver, our sites are regularly reviewed, inspected and audited by our team of qualified internal safety auditors and/or external bodies.

View the Spicers Health and Safety Policy.

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