Spicers is a dynamic and solutions-focused distribution business with an extensive network in the geographies we serve.  We offer a full suite of products and services to our customers, incorporating commercial print, digital media, label & packaging, industrial packaging, sign & display consumables and hardware, and architectural offerings.

Scheme Transaction with KPP

Spicers Limited has implemented a Scheme of Arrangement (the 'Scheme') with Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd ('KPP'), under which KPP has acquired all of the shares in Spicers. In conjunction with the Scheme, Spicers completed a return of capital to shareholders (together referred to as the 'Transaction').

Spicers shareholders approved the Transaction on 26th June 2019, and the Federal Court of Australia gave its final approval of the Scheme in a Court Hearing on 3rd July 2019. The Transaction was implemented on 16th July 2019, with Spicers delisted from the ASX from the close of business on 17th July 2019. 

Announcements and materials can be downloaded below:

Final ATO Class Ruling SRS Capital Return (CR2019-045) - 31.07.2019

SRS Removal from the Official List - 17.07.2019

Implementation of the Scheme and Capital Return - 16.07.2019

Update on Transaction Consideration - 11.07.2019

Scheme of Arrangement Legally Effective - 04.07.2019

Transaction Meetings Results - 26.06.2019

Shareholder Meetings Chairman's Address - 26.06.2019

Shareholder Meetings Presentation - 26.06.2019

Vesting of Performance Rights - 21.06.2019

Scheme and Special General Meeting Proxy Forms - 31.05.2019

Update on Proposed Capital Return - 29.05.2019

Release of Spicers Explanatory Booklet - 17.05.2019

Federal Court Approval for Convening a Scheme Meeting - 17.05.2019

Spicers enters into a Scheme Implementation Deed with KPP - 17.01.2019

Scheme Implementation Agreement with KPP - 17.01.2019

2019 Interim Results


The 2019 Interim Results and Financial Report can be downloaded below:

Spicers 2019 Interim Results

Appendix 4D and Interim Financial Report 31 December 2018


2018 Results & Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual Report, Full Year Results Announcement, and a briefing pack on the FY2018 results can be downloaded below:

Spicers 2018 Annual Report

Spicers 2018 Full Year Results-24.08.18

FY2018 Results Briefing Pack

The 2018 Annual General Meeting materials can be downloaded below

Spicers 2018 AGM Presentation

Spicers 2018 AGM Addresses

Spicers 2018 AGM Voting Results

Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form

Latest News


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